Why Does My Cat Nonetheless Have Fleas?

Fleas are an issue in most components of the world, however particularly in heat humid areas, and notably in excessive density dwelling. In the event you’re like most cat homeowners, you in all probability assume that after your cat is on flea management protocol, they need to be flea-free. Sadly, this isn’t at all times the case. Right here we discuss why that occurs and what you are able to do to provide everybody some aid.

If we step again and take into consideration them, fleas are fascinating parasites. They’re additionally very profitable at what they do, which after all makes them tough to manage. It might be good to assume we might simply put a month-to-month flea product on our pet then neglect about it, however environmental remedy can also be necessary. In case you are after a extra pure method we can even give just a few suggestions of what is going to and received’t work on your pet.


Most flea merchandise will kill grownup fleas and cease them laying extra viable eggs. Solely 5% of the flea inhabitants really lives in your pet, so in case you are seeing 5 fleas, it means that there’s one other 95 fleas dwelling within the surroundings.  You’re solely seeing the tip of the iceberg. The tiny eggs, larvae or pupae reside within the surroundings, generally concentrated round resting areas. This implies there are normally loads of new fleas to interchange these fleas in your pet which might be being killed by your flea product. As well as, many merchandise take hours or days to kill every single flea, so you’ll be able to nonetheless see as much as 20 fleas in your pet although the product is working. Try this video of the flea life-stages.


After a flea jumps onto your cat, the flea begins feeding on blood and laying eggs. A feminine flea can lay as much as 50 eggs a day, so it’s no marvel you’ll be able to go from one flea to tons of in a really small house of time, and why being late with flea drugs generally is a large drawback.

The eggs fall off your pet and hatch inside 1-10 days (faster whether it is heat and humid). The hatched larvae transfer someplace darkish (normally downwards into gaps between floorboards, in soil, beneath mulch, deep in carpet or bedding or beneath furnishings), the place they feed on natural materials (together with flea faeces). After 5-11 days the larvae pupate, forming a sticky cocoon round themselves which protects them and makes them tough to focus on with vacuuming or a flea bomb. After 7-10 days the fleas will hatch in response to vibrations, carbon dioxide or warmth and go looking for a blood meal. If there is no such thing as a stimulation to hatch, these absolutely developed fleas can keep of their cocoons for years. Which is why in some circumstances you’ll be able to transfer right into a vacant property and have a giant flea emergence suddenly.

Beneath most circumstances, biting individuals is a final resort for fleas; they might a lot want to reside on our pets than chew us. In heat humid situations the flea cycle may be very quick, and the entire thing is accomplished inside 2 weeks. It slows down or stops altogether with dry, chilly or very popular climate.


Typically most cats can tolerate low numbers of fleas, so seeing a few fleas will not be essentially trigger for alarm. In case you are utilizing a flea product, most certainly these fleas are slowly getting poisoned and are on their method out. It’s a totally different story for these cats which might be allergic to flea bites. Flea saliva allergy symptoms are quite common in cats. These unlucky pets are inclined to scratch and chew, notably across the base of the tail and infrequently develop fairly nasty scorching spots or pores and skin infections.

In flea allergic pets only one flea chew can hold them itching for two weeks. A flea can chew as much as 400 instances earlier than it’s killed, so even only one flea can result in large discomfort. These cats actually need strict flea management, each environmental and frequent topical or oral utility. In very small kittens, massive numbers of fleas may also result in anaemia from fleas feeding on their blood. Fleas additionally unfold some blood-borne illnesses and tapeworm.


Flea shampoos and powders are very ineffective and a waste of money and time. The consequences solely final for so long as the substance stays within the coat, so one or just a few days is all you get. Sadly flea management actually is a type of issues the place you get what you pay for. Some topical or oral flea merchandise might be costly, however in case you use them correctly and all year long, mixed with good environmental management, you’ll keep away from the effort and expense of using an expert pest exterminator and dear veterinary payments from pores and skin issues.

As talked about beforehand, flea merchandise for essentially the most half don’t work immediately. The one repellent-style merchandise accessible are Pyrethrim-based such shampoos and these are very poisonous to cats. For all different merchandise (Frontline Plus, Advantage, Advocate, Comfortis and Revolution) the fleas should both chew your pet to ingest the toxin or soak up the toxin from contact along with your pet’s pores and skin, so you’ll be able to see how a flea allergic pet will typically have an issue if there are massive numbers of newly emerged fleas within the surroundings. For these cats, the goal is to cut back environmental flea numbers AND deal with your cat.

Merchandise with Nitenpyram (like Capstar) have a sooner pace of kill, than most top-spot merchandise so in case you are seeing massive numbers of grownup fleas in your pet, give them a Capstar pill. It may be used along side all different flea merchandise, however the results solely final for twenty-four hours, so it’s impractical to make use of it as your sole type of flea remedy. The latest flea product out is known as Comfortis. This month-to-month flea pill begins working inside hours, so it’s the quickest appearing month-to-month flea remedy at present accessible.  Ask your vet if you need to strive Comfortis.


Frontline Plus is saved within the sebaceous (oily) glands within the pores and skin, so frequent bathing or swimming (greater than weekly) can strip it from the pores and skin and imply it’s much less efficient. It is extremely necessary to not apply it simply after a shower, and you can’t bathe your cat for 48 hour after utilizing it. Frontline Plus has the benefit that the toxin used will not be absorbed considerably by your cat, so in case you are reluctant to make use of toxins in your pet, maybe Frontline Plus is an effective compromise.


There isn’t a precise reported resistance to flea drugs in keeping with the producers of those merchandise. There definitely are merchandise that work higher in sure conditions although. The producers of Frontline particularly have completed intensive analysis into the subject, together with getting samples of fleas from everywhere in the US. They’ve discovered no resistance issues, however report that almost all product failure is normally attributable to improper utility or lack of concurrent environmental management.


First have a look at the place your pet spends most of his time. Goal this space particularly. Use a flea bomb inside the home to do away with these eggs and larvae that may hatch and repopulate your pet. It’s also possible to get a handheld spray to deal with beneath cabinets, couches and beds. A flea bomb will hold working for 9 months.

In case you are not eager to flea bomb, contemplate frequent vacuuming each 3 days. Additionally vacuum earlier than the flea bomb and do not forget that these larvae are motile, so you’ll need to hoover beneath furnishings. Pay explicit consideration to pet sleeping areas. You’ll not essentially vacuum up the fleas except you will have an industrial power vacuum, because the flea cocoons are sticky, however vibrations of the vacuum will stimulate the fleas to emerge from their cocoons, and it’s these cocoons that defend the pupae. Vacuuming additionally eliminates flea faeces and different natural materials from the ground that the larvae feed on.

It’s also possible to use a powder referred to as Flea Busters, which is predicated on boric acid. It may be sprinkled in carpets or swept into the gaps in your floorboards and acts to kill flea eggs and larvae. It’s going to work just like a flea bomb in serving to to manage the immature flea life phases.


Therapy of the outside is extra sophisticated. Ideally all animals needs to be on flea management and stray cats needs to be avoided your yard. Immature flea life phases are vulnerable to the consequences of drying, excessive warmth and chilly and direct daylight. They love a damp, heat and ideally darkish surroundings. Sweep up leaves, hold lawns quick, restrict using mulch, fence off areas of the yard which might be heat and darkish and shielded from the weather (akin to beneath the home or veranda and down the aspect of the home).

Salt (akin to pool salt) might be sprinkled in some out of doors areas to behave as a desiccant or drying agent to kill immature fleas. It may be irritating to your cat’s pores and skin and isn’t nice for crops, so that you in the end want to dam off the realm in case you can. It’s also possible to use a yard spray to deal with the realm. Alternatively, there are additionally specialised pest firms that may deal with your yard for fleas. Not all skilled pest sprays deal with fleas, and at all times be certain that they’re cat protected.


Be certain that any pet beds might be washed of their entirety on a scorching cycle within the washer (over 60ºC/140F for greater than 10 minutes). It’s not sufficient to simply wash the duvet of the mattress because the fleas will burrow down right into a mattress or foam. In case your cat has entry to an outdated sofa exterior as a mattress contemplate what might be dwelling in there, and get a better to scrub mattress.

In case your cat is keen on sleeping within the filth or mulch or beneath a shady tree these might be nice areas for a flea nest. Maybe he’s attempting to maintain cool and you would contemplate a pleasant cool bed as a substitute. Sweep the filth as a lot as potential to do away with natural materials akin to mulch and leaves.


Generally within the hunt for a extra ‘pure’ option to defend our pets, all kinds of extraordinary suggestions are made on the web. Simply because one thing is ‘pure’, that doesn’t essentially means it’s safer. Canine and cats are a lot totally different to people and issues which might be protected for us (akin to grapes, chocolate and paracetamol), can hurt our pets. Registered flea merchandise have years of analysis into security and have very strict manufacturing controls. Whereas pure cures are sometimes fully innocent, cats do generally tend to ingest substances whereas grooming, so be cautious of this when attempting one thing new. In some ways a confirmed product is far safer than a ‘pure’ treatment posted on the web with no analysis and security information.

The most effective pure treatment for fleas within the surroundings is washing bedding on a scorching cycle within the washer as soon as every week and vacuuming each few days. Then deal with the yard and some other animals close by, even when which means shopping for you neighbour some Benefit for her cats! The boric acid powders talked about above are additionally nice for killing fleas within the surroundings in case you are reluctant to make use of a flea bomb. Additionally see the opposite environmental flea management choices above.


Garlic is a typical flea treatment and might be very poisonous to cats, together with onions. Important oils and particularly tea tree oil are very poisonous if ingested, so will not be pet protected. Tea tree is taken into account protected in animals if used at lower than 1% focus, however that is completely ineffective for all its purported makes use of. We don’t are inclined to drink the contents of that scented oil infuser, however your pets will typically groom themselves, so something you spray on them needs to be protected for ingestion. Citronella is especially offensive to our pets, which is why it’s used as a punishment in bark collars (don’t get me began on that one), so it appears notably merciless to spray it throughout them. Equally lemon sprays are completely ineffective as a flea repellent.

Fleas have tailored to be very intelligent parasites, so it isn’t only a matter treating your pet as soon as a month. To essentially deal with these blood-suckers, it’s good to kill all these latent fleas within the surroundings to cut back re-infestation. We hope this text helped you discover some options on your pets. When you have some other particular questions on easy methods to deal with your pet for fleas, please publish a query within the Love That Pet discussion board. Generally with a bit detective work an answer might be discovered that doesn’t require massive volumes of poisonous chemical compounds to maintain your pet snug this summer time.


  • Flea medicine can looks as if it isn’t working as a result of nothing kills fleas immediately
  • Deal with the surroundings with flea bombs and common vacuuming
  • Wash pet beds weekly on a scorching cycle
  • Preserve lawns quick and yards swept
  • In the event you bathe your pet greater than weekly flea merchandise could not work
  • Deal with all pets, even these free-roaming cats in case you can!